Amadeus Software

Integrated IT technology can prove to be instrumental in helping you manage your travel processes in an efficient manner. This software is one stop destination to using innovative technology in order to increase your conversions. Several other advantages include effective implementation of business travel management, easy centralization of operations with fully graphical interface and more. Hence, adopting latest travel technologies can help boost the productivity of your travel company and lead to increased profits. This GDS system can be used to easily book flights and hotels all over the world. This innovative platform also allows personalized traveler experiences to customers.

Travelport Software

This top booking engine software is extremely useful for travel agents, servicing companies and consolidators dealing with global marketplace. This GDS system can play an important role in helping you manage technology and market trends, monitoring global travel and more. It has transformed the workings of travel industry by unifying selling and merchandising on one single platform. This integrated software can also be used to monitor working habits of travel agents which include monitoring the use of GDA and its related technologies. Undoubtedly, it has helped in exponential growth of travel sector all over the world.

Sabre Software

Sabre GDS system bridges the gap between travel services buyers and sellers. It provides great support to travel agents through call support, customer support and online chat. Many travel websites use this integrated system in order to book cars, hotels, flights, rails, cruises and other value added services. All the travel data through sabre system comes in real time. Its mobile friendly interface and sub second response time shopping enables developers to explore vast avenues in tourism industry. These innovative software solutions deliver lowest cost flight plans, increased productivity and more. These solutions can help hassle free management of dynamic changes and complexities involves in monitoring and flight planning.

Galileo Software

Galileo is a renowned GDS software which is used across the globe. Some of its effective features include enhanced booking file servicing, adding passenger services, working with itineraries, checking availability and selling flights and more. It provides global distribution services for travel industry with advanced computer reservation software, web services like XMLs. It is the right computer reservation system which caters to all needs of customers relating to travel package bookings, car rentals, rail and cruise bookings, bus reservations and more.