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Tekwalker mid-office mainly features booking and customer managent module. Booking notifications, auto-cancellation, promo code configuration are some additional features. Tekwalker back office system explains the standard procedure of accounting and user profile administration. Our powerful and user friendly system manage agency network and sales processes that allows travel companies to administer operations from their desktop. Designed for travel industry our back office system will help you become the office expert. Tekwalker back office uses to administer online portal features such as agent dashboard, adding mark-up, discount, user profile administration, Customer Relationship Management/CRM, accounting and reporting. We empower your travel business to automate manual process like management and reporting, managing B2B accounts, financial reports etc.

 Mid office system has comprehensive admin panel which is centralized multy GDS compadtibility ( Amadeus, Galileo, sabre & world span ).
 System also support multiuser, multi location, multi currency, multi department and dynamic reporting which will help you in getting better reporting capabilities and manage business process.
 The System has the flexibility to define the user roles and give access privilege to each roles. The access not only menu level but also at the action level for instance- add /update,/ delete/ print /reprint.
 Mid office system manage complex sales and purchasing rules in easy way. And also capable of giving you a report based on the flow segment. System has client management system CRM which help in store data , documents and user preferences.
 It has real time supplier connectivity and credit control management with GDS system define commission, and markup for varrious sales channel.
 The system support data exporting to CSV, EXCEL, PDF or XML. API supported and third party integration.End to end automation

Tekwalker is the most advanced travel solution in the market today.


Thank you again Tekwalker Software for making such wonderful travel website for us. You never disappoint and we greatly appreciate all of you efforts in making sure to complete our website within time. Thank You to the software team who was so thoughtful and patient in answering all of our questions prior to the development. Overall our travel portal is excellent, Great support, Any time available and wonderful experience. ?

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