Online Travel Solution

Tekwalker provides world class online solutions for travel operators and agencies. With clients from major cities like UK, USA, UAE and India, we are currently the #1 travel technology company in United Kingdom, India, Canada, USA and world’s most visited countries. We provide B2B and B2C technology that cater to travel suppliers without any hassles. Having launched our all-in-one integrated My Hub software for the masses, we walked the extra mile for ensuring efficiency and lucrative opportunities.

Whether your company is an OTA, hotel, destination marketing organization, cruise line Tekwalker helps you achieve important business goals. We can help transform your business by increasing revenue, improving asset utilization, driving operational efficiency or reducing costs.

API interface that connects GDS, CRS and OTAs. Being an all-in-one installation API, travel operators and agencies don’t need to have a sound knowledge of the technology. In a single click, you can activate the desired features and enjoy online services instantly.

At Tekwalker, we promise to offer you the greatest value and the most reliable business travel services. We achieve this by continually moulding our approach to your specific and developing travel requirements to create customised travel services and programmes. More than just a service, we become an extension of your business, creating a partnership that enhances your business travel programme.

There are a variety of travel benefits which your company can avail through our technology like:

Key Features

  • Platform independent travel engine
  • ​Expense claim listing
  • Analytical report documentation
  • Process oriented operations
  • ​Daily travel lead monitoring
  • Comprehensive online inventory aggregation