Sightseeing API

The Tekwalker Sightseeing API provides a fast and easy way to grow your website or mobile app user base by giving you access to trips in real time. The API is for use by programmers to create software that consumes, creates, displays and otherwise interacts with data. It allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of their platform with other applications.

The Tekwalker API offers global tourism and travel data available as a consumable database. Over 20 million places from around the world are available. The places are ranked by popularity among travellers. Information such as location, description, photos, admission fees, tags and opening hours is included in the API available in 14 languages. The POIs are matched to relevant tours and activities which can be offered to end-customers in order to earn ancillary revenue. Tourism businesses can benefit from the Tekwalker API by building trip planner and travel guide integrations.

Tekwalker API gathers information on attractions, events and points of interest around the world. It’s goal is to allow for searching by GPS location, keyword or zip code to find different points of interest and attractions within an amusement park.

Benefits of Tekwalker Sightseeing API

  • Adaptable, versatile and simple to coordinate and actualize
  • Fabricate and refresh tweaked travel booking applications
  • based on versatile Open System engineering
  • Diminished improvement expenses and time to advertise
  • Hand crafted arrangements which amplify proficiency
  • Totally adaptable and Web 2.0 consistent