Tour Management System

Tour management system is a dynamic website for tourism business. It is dynamic and responsive web design .It is also called travel technology solution for agencies and tour operation .Nearly everyone goes on vacation for this “a tour management system” would play vital role in planning the perfect trip.

Tekwalker Tour management system allows the user of the system access all the details such as location events etc .The main purpose is to help tourism companies to manage customers and hotels .The system  can also be used for both professional and business trips. The proposed system maintains centralized repository to make necessary travel   arrangements and to retrieve information easily

Tekwalker tour management system is a web based application and maintains a centralized repository of all related information .The main aim is to develop a system auto mates the process and activates a travel agency and customer details. The   main purpose of Tekwalker tour management is by using our system which o ne can perform all operations related to travelling and sightseeing.

Benefits of Tekwalker Tour management system

The system will provide to connect directly customers and agent through internet.

  • The system will provide facilities to modify and delete tourist’s data as well as client data.
  •  The system will provide feedback mechanism for tourist.
  • The system will provide some social media links.
  • The system will provide information about the inbound and outbound tour packages.
  • The system maintains & controls the database of tourist’s information.
  • The system will display attractive tourist places.
  • The system give a verity of travel services that will sure to match all your priorities.
  • The system will provide display platform in where a tourist can find their tour places according to their choices.