Transfer API

Tekwalker Transfer API Provides extensive scope of global exchange administrations from Airports and Resorts by means of different mentor, Taxi, Minibus and so on. We offer move benefits in more than 2000 urban areas and resorts and in 60+ nations offering clients an unrivalled decision all through the world. With our API you can pre book air transfer services to picked goal facilities around the world.

It provides the comparative data from multiple sources in order to best deals to your clients. From reducing the operational cost to maintaining the reputation of your enterprise, it plays key role in shaping your travel business. API is related to transfer / transportation services, from terminals (airports, sea ports, train stations, bus stations) to hotels and vice versa.

Tekwalker Transfers API is a service for travelers to find rides to and from the airport. The Transfers API is a useful tool for developers representing travel agencies, companies, and websites affiliated with tourism services. This API can help with building custom websites, mobile applications or for integrating into your existing range of services, websites, or applications. It can be used for building websites using any programming language or for mobile applications. The Transfer API comes with full documentation and technical support

API comes with fully detailed documentation, on every step of its integration, with full examples and explanations of all the requests and responses to the API and with complete technical support. It is backed by a strong and experienced IT team and is launched by a Travel Agency with decades of experience and expertise on this field, one of the largest in Greece.

Benefits of Tekwalker Transfer API

  • Adaptable, versatile and simple to coordinate and actualize
  • Fabricate and refresh tweaked travel booking applications
  • based on versatile Open System engineering
  • Diminished improvement expenses and time to advertise
  • Hand crafted arrangements which amplify proficiency
  • Totally adaptable and Web 2.0 consistent