Travel API

The Tekwalker API is our standardised XML interface to the Tekwalkerplatform. Through a simple set of XML requests and responses you can search for and book products provided by any of our travel suppliers, retrieve details of existing bookings, create and retrieve customers, fetch cruise and hotel content, and much more. This travel API provides you with a huge amount of technical power, allowing you to harness our booking platform and integrate it with your own system.

Tekwalker gives Travel XML API Integration to travel organizations. Along these lines our client can profit by the inventories and other travel XML API services given by the outsider, by having a speedy and simple XML API integration. Stretch out your clients’ decisions to flight XML API booking, hotel XML API booking, car XML API booking, insurance and a lot more with access to the two GDS and outside substance with our XML combination white label services. Increment your incomes and empower strategically pitching with full substance, mark-ups, arranged negotiated fares, packaging features, highlights, administration charges, office characterized air toll advancements, just as enhancing and positioning conceivable outcomes to make the most out of web search engines . No requirement for you to make costly interests in bespoke software improvements with different suppliers as Third gathering XML API can be effectively coordinated to your current system. This arrangement will be solid and adaptable to help your online business technique.

Key Features


  • State of the art technology. Build with your preferred language.

Scalable & Full Powered

  • This solution will be reliable and scalable to support your online business strategy. We have global inventory, always getting updated on the fly.

Developer Dashboard

  • Control everything from the dashboard.

Multi Currency

  • API’s support 25+ currencies.

Real-time Search & Booking

  • Every product API has an end-to-end workflow, so that you control every step of the user experience.

API Explorer

  • Dive into our entire API’s before starting to integrate them.