Travel Portal Software

Tekwalker Group offers Travel Portal Software Solution along with advance travel technology intelligence for world leading travel and tourism operator recognise for delivering brilliant travel products on time globally.

Travel Portal Software

Travel Portal Software

 It is always a goal of travel agencies to increase their profits and boost customer service. Our travel portal software greatly helps travel agencies to do so. It is a cost-efficient, quick and correct online booking system. It is very easy to get business information system through Travel Agency Software.Tekwalker provide services like consulting, development, and maintenance of all aspects of B2B and B2C travel portal development along with API integration for hotel booking, flight booking, travel packages, car rental, bus booking.

travel portal software

Transform Your Travel Business


Tekwalker Travel Portal Software is ideally suited for travel agencies who require flexible, easy-to-use solutions to automate and control their business online.

Our travel website software allows selling travel products directly to millions of tourists assuring ultimate reliability and usability of booking process. We have broad experience in developing travel website software for well-established tourism market players.


We Deliever Value

With 10 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, providing high performance solutions to some of the reputed global companies in the travel and tourism sector, we known to deliever product on time and earn value in couple of years.

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Network with our technology specialists and discover ways TravelBox™ can transform your travel and tourism business. From travel technology consultancy, business mapping and analysis for transformation and product selection; we are here to design revolutionary solutions that can move you forward in lightning speed.

Travel Portal Software Solution

We are here to grow your travel business with our Solution.

Why Tekwalker Travel Portal Development Solution ?

Tekwalker travel portal software is an online booking engine solutionf flights, hotels holidays, cars, buses, transfer and activities for travel agents to make booking behalf of the customers, receive commissions and define mark-ups for bookings. Travel agents can manage fund allocations, policies, branches, suppliers, a part from booking flight and managing payments. Tekwalker travel portal also allows travel agents to re- book flights in case of cancellations made by modifying the search criteria and paying / refunding the balance amount.

Tekwalker travel portal eliminates manual processing task, reduces cancellation and refunding hassels, help to find the best deals and simplifies required back –end tasks. Tekwalker earned reputation not only in india but also globally with clients in country like uk. Usa middle east etc.

Tekwalker travel portal development company help to develop a compex travel portal for clients with design, create, host and incorporating various apps.

TekwalkerTravel Portal Development Benifits.

* Tekwalker travel portal provides a centralized commissioning and billing interface for travel agents and users.

* Provides MIS reports to monitor various booking
parameters can be generated for each of the travel providers.

* On succesful booking travel agents can be genearte ticket for their customers.

* The complete travel booking process can be managed from a singlr interface.

* Fully responsive desgin of website
* Tekwalker travel portal is user-friendly and easy to use and does not require any sort of training for use.
* Automated workflow

* Tekwalker travel portal development solution eliminates manual processing tasks involved and allows organizations to focus on their core areas.

* A tailer-made fully customizable travel solution
* A powerful system to manage sales and account
* Allows to integrate third party suppliers

Work with All Leading Travel Suppliers & Consolidator.

Flight GDS (Global Distribution System) – amadeus, travelport, Galileo, sabre , worldspan, abacus etc.

Flight consolidators/ aggregator– travel boutique online (TBO), mystifly,travelfusion, python, skyvantage, travwell (indonesia)

Hotel third party integration/ aggregators– GTA travel,turico holidays get a bed, hotelspro, hotel beds,,Rooms XML,, universal API, desia, TBO holidays,priceline, MG holidays Vanila,GRN Connect, Rezlive? XML Hub expedia,

Car aggregators– rental cars, budget, car traweler, bidvest car rental etc.

Bus aggregators – red bus, bus intercapegreyhound etc.

Transfers– gta, A2b transfer, Ez shuttle.

Sightseeing– GTA, viator etc.

How Its Work ?

How it works –travel agents can search hotels, holiday pacakges, transfer cars buses and activities and book tickets for flights using various parameters such as lowest fares, one way, round trip,multi city, dates etc.confirmation of bookings is received in the form of PNR and ticcket is isuued to the customer, cancellation requests, payments/ refunds to from customes can be effectivelly managed using the same interface.
whitelabel solution


Travel Portal Software Solution

Agent login

Agents can log into tekwalker travel portal software from anywhere using the web, each wagents has unique login details.


Sub Agents, Branch, User & Management

travel agents can manage sub agents, branhesunder agents, user of branches with tekwalker travel portal software easly.

Build In CRM

Through Tekwalker travel portal software travel agents simultaneously view report on an entire day, week, month and yearly basis. Our System has client management system CRM which help in store data , documents and user preferences.

Flight booking engine

Oue travel portal software airline reservation system gives details of the airline availabilty and ticket pricing lets travelers for the booking proceedings flight booking take care end to end airline ticketing system, search airlines book and generate PNR.


Hotel Booking Engine

Tekwalker travel portal software hotel extranet solution gives access for travel agents to upload own contraceted hotels for online hotel booking business.the property holder directly create costs, rooms with the asgined log in/password for end to end selling of inventories to either customers of tour operators central reservartion system (CRS).


Currency Convertor

as a leading travel portal software company we understand our responibility hense we set the currency convertor module in admin panel and put the updated rates of currencies so that sale and purchase would be easy for can be processed through payment gateway and user make the payment through credit card.

Dynaimic holiday package

travel portal software allows to travellers to book vacation ( holiday )pacakges by including flight, hotels,transfers, activities. User can setup markup rules to flights hotels seperately to sell individual or as package on b2b/b2c system.



Mark–UP Management

Through Tekwalker travel portal software travel agents can define the mark-up amounts for varrious airlines,hotels, holiday packages, tranfers, cars, buses and cars.a the end of the day agents can calculate the total markup amount for each of the airlines.

Payment gateway integration

tekwalker travel portal software offers XML/JSON API integration services for flights hotels payment gateway services. The integration saves time and cost of travellers as your travel website cover complete travel portal with flight booking, hotel booking,vacations ,package booking and payment gateway solutions.

Tekwalker Travel Portal Software Benifits


Full Reservation System and automatic operation management


Easy Booking


Agent and sub agent management


Agent and sub agent management




Mobile freindly use interface


Low Interaction Required


Customize Website with Dynamic packaging


Inventory management with contract management feature


Easy Processing and Cancelation


Access to Real-time Data


Fast heavy duty API-XML OUT allows you to distribute all your own and 3rd party content to all other system


Hotel CRS and extranet platform


Commissions and mark ups control


Report and Analysys.


advance notification with alert module


share digital broucher to agents and clients

Travel Solutions

Traveto™ Enterprise

End-to-end Travel technology platform for the global tourism operators ,dmcs and travel management companies.

Traveto™ Software

We are technology specialists for the travel & tourism industry, specialising in OTA , B2B Tour Operators, White label, Mobile Apps and DMCs, explore the power of Traveto travel software.

Traveto™ Zen

Simplify travel solution for B2B and B2C portal for travel agencies and tour operators..

Traveto™ DMC

Traveto™ DMC Software specially designed for travel and tour operator offer DMC services and packages globaly.

Hotel Chains

Maximise drive booking through our hotel
CRS booking system with XML capability specially desgined for Hotels.

XML/API Integration

offer XML/API and GDS Integration for flight,hotel, activities,transfer, payment gateway and cruise .

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Our flagship travel software solution boost travel and tourism businesses and end-to-end solution manage sales operations smartly which help to grow your business online rapidly in few months.



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scalable business model increase sales and  increased resources.

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