Technology has played an instrumental role in transforming the workings of travel sector.From online bookings to drone photography, technology is making a mark in various ways. Here are some of the latest trends which are reshaping how you travel :

Luggage Tracking Apps

Keeping a track on belongings must have seemed impossible a few years back. But apps like LugLoc have revolutionised travel sector.LugLocis  a GPS Luggage Tracker that tracks the luggage of travellers automatically while they enjoy their trip.

Self-Driving Transportation

If there is a future of transportation, it is self driving cars. According to reports, 10 million vehicles will hit the road by 2019-2020. They would even enable digitally controlled transport of raw materials from one city to another.

Voice-activated devices

Another upcoming trend to look out for is voice activated devices and augmented reality that would serve as virtual guidebooks and help travellers with their travel plans.

Uncharted Territories

If there is a trend that has never gone out of fashion, it is the exploration of hitherto uncharted territories. With technology reaching a new high, space travel is soon set to be a reality. While NASA is poised to start construction of its Lunar Space Station in 2019, Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic has proclaimed that he expects to be able to send people into space next year. For those travellers who cannot yet afford the cost of extra-terrestrial travel, underwater accommodations is another upcoming trend in 2019.

Personalised Itineraries

This trend predicts the decline of the generic one size fits all travel itineraries and the rise of customised travel content via social media. In a survey conducted, around two-thirds of travellers said they want agencies to use AI to offer personalised recommendations on their travel plans.

Smart Rooms

Technology would start to enhance the experience of staying at your next hotel room as well. These include connected rooms with voice search technology enabled within them. Arne Sorenson, CEO Marriott International says there is a future for such “smart” rooms, but we still have a long way to go.

One Stop Trip Planning

Sites such as TripAdvisor are home for millions of airlines, accommodations, restaurants and experiences. Already popular with travellers, augmented analytics capabilities combined with social media inputs would serve as a one-stop-trip planning destination and travellers would not have to hop from site to site to plan their next trip.


This has already created a stir in the travel industry. AirB&B is planning on expanding its reach. It is looking beyond accommodations to bring more local experiences within its fold. This will be another travel trend which will continue to rule the roost in the coming years.

Conscience Travel

The year 2019 will see increasing number of travellers travel with a conscience, claims Travellers in a study conducted by them said they would bypass a destination if they feel it would negatively impact the lives of the people, environment or the culture of a place.

The Appren-Trip

This is another travel technological trend of the most popular kinds of trips people intend to take. Be it taking a cooking class or learning a new language, travellers seeking these trips would not only have lifelong memories but new skill sets as well. Cultural exchanges and volunteering trips are amongst the most popular kinds of trips that will continue to grow.


Technology, travel and these upcoming trends are all set to make 2019 an interesting year for the travel industry and how people will experience the world when they travel.